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Aktif Joint Stock Company is located in commercial platform as a reliable supplier of raw materials for distinguished industrial manufacturing companies. Since 1998, the organisation has grown many times more with the continued successful growth charts in every year compared to the company’s assets when it was first founded. This success rate is the proof that how proposals and solutions which have been presented were customer-oriented. Also, it shows that how the chosen product range was accurately. In addition to these, the staff at the firm have been supported by continuous training to become fast, knowledgeable and solution oriented.
Numeric expressions that we can give to introduce our company for you statistically are as follows;
1.The average of staff’s working year is 8,5 years.
2.Each year, we have sustainable growth rate between %11 %42.
3.We are the third taxpayer in Tax Office that we depend on.
4.We have durable relationships with our suppliers.
5.The average time of providing technical support is 8 hours.
6.By taking part in Turkey’s top 500 companies, We give continuous service to ninety percent of customers that we appeal to.
7.We are industry leader in our area of specialization with %68 market share.
8.In this sector, we provide the longest duration service as represantative and distributor.